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27-inch ASUS VA278Q monitor with a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels


Last week at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, ASUS showed the public a professional monitor VA278Q. The novelty is equipped with a 27-inch IPS panel with LED backlight, which is characterized by a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels.

The pixel size is 0,233 mm, which ensures high image clarity. Viewing angles are 178° both horizontally and vertically. The panel covers 100% of the sRGB color space. To connect to a PC, the monitor has DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort inputs.

Splendid Video Intelligence technology provides the user with a choice of six modes of operation (Standard, sRGB, Theater, Scenery, Gaming and Night View). Another feature, Smart Contrast Ratio, dynamically adjusts the image contrast by up to 80 million to 1.

The monitor stand provides tilt, swivel and height adjustment.

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Blinking of the magician and his audience 19.05.2024

Magic and illusions have always captured the attention of the public, but what happens behind the scenes of the magician and in the brains of his audience? Scientists from the UK decided to solve this mystery by conducting a new study involving ten illusionists of varying experience. Illusionists, some of whom had been practicing magic for more than half a century, others for only six months, were invited to demonstrate the same trick - the popular coin trick. Recordings of their performances during training and on stage showed that each of them began to blink significantly more often at the moment of performing the trick. The study's findings indicate that magicians' blink rate may be related to unconscious aspects of their performance. At the same time, as scientists have found, spectators also begin to blink more often, following the movements of the illusionist. This observation supports the idea that magicians may be catalysts for blinking in audiences. Additional research has shown that magicians blink more often during ... >>

Ultrasonic coffee machine 19.05.2024

Iced coffee has become an integral part of coffee culture in recent years. Therefore, engineers from the University of New South Wales decided to improve its preparation. They have developed an ultrasonic coffee machine that reduces the cold brew time for ground coffee beans from 12-24 hours to significantly less time. Iced coffee, or "Cold brew", is popular due to its smoothness, low acidity and low bitterness. It is prepared by steeping ground coffee in cold water for a long time. Unlike traditional hot brewing, which often imparts bitterness to coffee, cold brewing extracts more delicate and complex flavors from the coffee beans. The innovative system, presented by a team of engineers, introduces ultrasonic technology into the coffee preparation process. The system uses ultrasonic waves to speed up the process of extracting oils, flavor and aroma from ground coffee. This allows you to significantly reduce the time ... >>

The speech of sperm whales is similar to that of humans 18.05.2024

In the world of the ocean, where the mysterious and unknown coexists with the studied, sperm whales, with their huge brains, are of particular interest to science. Researchers, working with a huge array of audio recordings collected during the Dominica Sperm Whale Project (DSWP) - more than 8000 recordings, seek to unravel the secrets of their communication and understand the structure and complexity of the language of these mysterious creatures. By studying in detail the recordings of 60 sperm whales in the eastern Caribbean, scientists have revealed surprising features of their communication, revealing the complexity of their language. "Our observations indicate that these whales have a highly developed combinatorial communication system, including rubato and ornaments, which indicates their ability to quickly adapt and vary during communication. Despite significant differences in evolution, sperm whales have elements in their communication that are characteristic of human communication," says Shane Gero, a biologist at Carleton University and director of the CETI project. Issl ... >>

Electron spin for quantum information transfer 18.05.2024

The transfer of quantum information remains one of the key tasks of modern science. Recent advances in the use of electron spin to expand the capabilities of information transfer in quantum systems have become very important. Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are pushing the frontiers of quantum information science by experimenting with the possibilities of electron spin. Electron spin, a natural quantum bit, is a potentially powerful means for storing and transmitting information in quantum systems. Magnon wave packets, collective excitations of electron spin, have revealed their potential to transmit quantum information over significant distances. The work of Berkeley Lab researchers has revolutionized the way such excitations propagate in antiferromagnets, opening up new prospects for quantum technologies. Using pairs of laser pulses, scientists disrupted antiferromagnetic order in one place and simultaneously studied it in another, creating ... >>

Sound-absorbing silk 17.05.2024

In a world where noise is becoming increasingly intrusive, the emergence of innovative materials that can reduce its impact is of great interest. MIT researchers have unveiled a new sound-absorbing silk fabric that promises to revolutionize quiet spaces. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has made significant breakthroughs in the field of sound absorption. Researchers have developed a special silk fabric that can effectively absorb sound and create cozy, quiet environments. The fabric, thinner than a human hair, contains a unique vibrating fiber that is activated when voltage is applied to it. This feature allows the fabric to be used to suppress sound waves in two different ways. The first method uses fabric vibrations to generate sound waves that cover and cancel out unwanted noise, similar to noise-canceling headphones. This p ... >>

Random news from the Archive

Google robot to replace service dog 22.09.2015

The US Marine Corps in Virginia is testing a four-legged robot designed to replace service dogs in the near future. The Spot device was created by Boston Dynamics, which was acquired by Google in 2013.

Spot is powered by an electric motor, which, compared to the gasoline engine used in other robots, is quieter and does not emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The device is controlled wirelessly using a controller at a distance of up to 500 meters and maneuvers well in various types of terrain.

According to experts conducting the test, robots like Spot can be useful to the Marines in various situations, for example, to help in search or loading. The device has been tested in various types of terrain, including forest and urban environments.

Spot is the quietest and lightest four-legged robot ever tested by the USMC. It weighs 72 kg and can be controlled wirelessly with a controller connected to a laptop. In this case, the operator does not need to be in the line of sight - the robot works at a distance of up to 500 meters.

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