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If you watch your favorite movies lying on the couch, or listen to WinAmp, and you are too lazy to reach for the keyboard to rewind the song or mute the sound or something else, then this device is just for you. This is something other than a regular COM infrared port controlled by any remote control, and a special program that actually controls the operation of a particular application. So, in order.

Step 1. Hardware

We will need:

- Remote control (with the exception of the "Horizontal" remotes and some Panasonic models - their carrier signal frequency is 400 kHz, and the frequency of the COM port is up to 115 kHz. Basically, remotes have a signal frequency of 30-40 kHz.)

- Radio parts:

* photodetector - the simplest option is the domestic TK-19 or TK1833. Imported analogues of TSOP 1738, TSOP1836 are also suitable. In general, any 5 volt.

The pinout is shown in Fig. 2,

*voltage stabilizer 78L05, but domestic KREN5A is also suitable. The pinout is shown in Fig.3.

*capacitor 20uF 25V

* resistors - 5.1, 10 kOhm 0,125 or 0,5 W

* LED - any. The cathode leg is shorter

*9 pin female COM connector with housing.

We assemble the "most complex" scheme shown in Fig. 1

,Infrared remote control for computer
N designation appointment Signal
1 DCD Sign In Data Carrier Detect
2 RxD Sign In received data
3 TxD Log out Transmitted Data
4 dtr Log out Data Terminal Ready
5 GND - Signal ground
6 DsR Sign In Data set Ready
7 RTS Log out Request To Send
8 CTS Sign In Clear to send
9 RI input Ring indicator

If there is no desire, we do not set the switch. We hook everything to leg 1 or 2. Here is the pinout of the COM connector that can be found on the Internet:

Infrared remote control for computer

But we take into account that with a signal on leg 2 it works better. Here is the pinout for the receiver:

Infrared remote control for computer

We make sure that everything is soldered correctly twice or thrice, observing all polarities, and we connect it to the computer's COM port.

-Where is the WINDOWS message about the new device ???

-No!!! And it won't! :)

Step 2. Software

WinLirc and Device controller are simple programs that require a plug-in for applications (for WinAmp, a separate plug-in is installed, for Light Alloy, it is not required).

WinLirc Driver

After starting the program will say that it needs to be configured.

Infrared remote control for computer. Detailed configuration of Winlirc

Click OK and get into the configuration menu. For the assembled circuit, set the parameters as shown in the figure below, except for the port parameter. In this parameter you specify your COM port number to which the assembled IR receiver was connected.

Infrared remote control for computer


Infrared remote control for computer 

(It all depends on which leg you put the receiver on, or what position the switch is in.)

To check the assembled circuit, it is necessary to temporarily select the file in the Config line, which is located in the winlirc-0.6.5 folder by pressing the Browse... button. Then press the Raw Codes button, a window for checking signal reception will open. By pressing the buttons on any remote control in the window, packets like "Pulse: 300, space: 4000" should be received, if nothing happens, you need to check the correctness of the assembled IR receiver circuit, whether the parameters are correctly selected and whether the COM port number is specified correctly. If packets are received, then the assembled scheme can be considered correct. Close the window and return to the program settings window.

Infrared remote control for computer. How to set up Winlirc

After that, you need to tell the Winlirc driver which remote control model it will work with, for this you need to select the remote control file in the config line by clicking the Browser... button and click the OK button in the settings window. You can get the file on your remote control by downloading it from the website of the Winlirc driver developer or by sending a request for free receipt to marked "remote control file" (specify the remote control model). Everything, winlirc is configured! Click Hide Winlirc and the program will hide in tray. Press the button on the remote control and Winlirc will start responding to pressing only the selected remote control, which will be signaled by a blinking round icon in the tray. If you did not find a remote control file for your model, or you do not know the model, or for other reasons you cannot select a remote control file, then you can create it (teach Winlirc any remote control). To train Winlirc in the config line, manually specify the path and name of the new file where the training result will be written, for example:

Infrared remote control for computer. What to do to control the computer from the remote

Click Learn - a window will appear to teach Winlirc.

Infrared remote control for computer. Download winlirc

To begin with, the program will ask you to enter the name of the remote control - Please enter a name for this remote. Enter an arbitrary name for the remote control and do not use SPACES when entering!

Next, Winlirc will ask you to enter the percentage of recognition (from 1% to 99%)

Desired margin of error for this remote? (1-99, enter=25).

The higher the percentage, the more severely Winlirc will recognize the received signal in the future (if you select 99%, then Winlirc most likely will not respond to the signal from the remote control, since the signals from the remote control are not stable and not ideally the same), the smaller the parameter, so Winlirc will be more loyal to the received signals (if you select 1%, then Winlirc will respond to the remote control, but may confuse buttons and respond to interference). Experimental studies have shown that it is optimal to introduce 40%. We type and press enter, then Winlirc will write Gap and length? do not write anything on the line and press enter. Next, the program will ask you to press the same any button the required number of times in order to analyze the type of signal transmitted from the remote control. Press and release until Winlirc writes:

To finish recording buttons, enter a blank button name.

Button 1 name?

Winlirc is ready to enter a button name.

Next, you need to enter all the data of the remote control buttons. To do this, you enter the name of the button (DO NOT USE SPACES!), press enter after which Winlirc will require you to press and hold the button whose name you entered

Please press and hold down the 'BUTTON_NAME YOU ENTERED' button until told to stop.

While pressing the button on the remote control, Winlirc will receive data from the remote control, which will be indicated by an increase in the value of "matches = "

Keep the button pressed until Winlirc prompts you to save the button. (Tip: don't hold the button, but tap it very quickly.) You can choose not to do this if there are a lot of errors (the number of errors is displayed in the "faults=" value), while the button name and pressing need to be repeated, and you can also agree, then Winlirc will record the result and prompt you to enter the name of the next button.

Infrared remote control for a computer, instructions for setting up winlirk

By entering all the necessary buttons one after another, the program will write everything to a file. If you want to finish entering the buttons, then do not enter the name of the button, but leave the field blank and press enter, while Winlirc will report that the configuration has been saved. We press everywhere ok. Everything, winlirc is configured! Click Hide Winlirc and the program will hide in tray. Press the button on the remote control and Winlirc will start responding to pressing the trained remote control, which will be signaled by a blinking round icon in the tray.

After that, restart the Device controller program. It will automatically find the external Winlirc driver. Now, when you click on the remote control button, Winlirc will send the Device controller data about the click via TCP / API protocol and the name of the remote control and the name of the button will be shown in the program.

Infrared remote control for computer. How to control a computer from a distance using a winlyr remote control and a device controller

If you have a firewall and asks you to allow the connection between Winlirc and the Device controller, then you need to allow it, otherwise it will block data transfer.

After that, you need to assign a command to the buttons, for which you need to familiarize yourself with the program interface and learn how to work in it.

Author: garfield; Publication:

See other articles Section infrared technology.

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