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Illusion table. Tips for a magician

Spectacular tricks and their clues

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There are several designs of illusion tables. Some of them are quite easy to make and you can make your own. Consider two options for illusion tables.

First option. To make this table, you will need a piece of thick plywood. A table cover measuring 50 x 60 cm is cut out of this plywood. On the cover, departing from the edge 10 cm to the right and left, two round holes with a diameter of 8 - 10 cm are cut out. These holes will be hiding places of the illusion table, or, as magicians call them, sideboards (Fig. 1, a).

Then, in the center of the cover on the side that will face the floor, you need to attach a square threaded flange. Now the table cover is almost ready.

Next, you need to make a stand for the table. To do this, you can use a tripod from the camera or a music stand (Fig. 1, b). The stand is screwed to the table cover (Fig. 1, c).

Focus Illusion Table

Now for the table, you definitely need to make a tablecloth that will give the table a finished look. For a tablecloth, you can use a colorful or plain, but bright silk scarf. This scarf should be 25-30 cm larger than the table top in width and length. The edges of the scarf should be well fringed so that it lies better on the table.

Having laid the tablecloth on the table, it is necessary to mark the places of the holes on it and cut them out on the scarf so that they coincide in location and size with the holes in the table (see Fig. 1, c).

Then you need to sew two bags of dense material or oilcloth, each 15-20 cm deep. The edges of the bags should match in diameter with the diameter of the holes "cut out in the scarf. The finished bags are sewn to the edges of the holes in the scarf. Thus, a tablecloth scarf is obtained with two secret pouches that will close the holes in the table top.These pouches will serve as sideboards.

The edges of the tablecloth hanging from the table mask the sideboards so that they are completely invisible to the viewer.

The main thing is to make sure that when setting the table with a tablecloth, the pouches fit exactly into the holes of the table.

The sizes of a table and sideboards given by us can be changed. It is important to understand the principle of the illusion table. And sideboards can be made larger and of a different shape, depending on what items the performer is going to hide in them. But it should be noted that the sideboard should always be a little larger than the object that should quickly slide off and hide in its depths at the right time.

Second option. The manufacture of this table is slightly different from the manufacture of the first. But in this case, the device sideboards are more improved. The desired hole is also cut out on the lid of this table (Fig. 2, a). The resulting plywood disc is cut along the diameter axis into two equal parts (Fig. 2, b). Each of these parts is attached to the edge of the hole in the table top with two loops with a spring (Fig. 2, c).

Focus Illusion Table

It turns out something like a double-leaf door that opens down (Fig. 3, a). On the side facing the floor, a pouch made of dense matter is also attached to the edges of the hole.

Focus Illusion Table

The surface of this table is not covered with a scarf, and the edges of the table are upholstered with a fringe or a frill of colorful fabric, the length of which should completely hide the pouch from the eyes of the audience.

The table top should be painted with a colorful ornament, the variegation of which will disguise the location of the sideboard.

It is very convenient to use such a sideboard - you just need to press the sideboard door with an object from above, as they open and the object falls to the bottom of the pouch. Then the doors, under the influence of springs, slam shut again, restoring the smooth surface of the table.

All this happens so quickly that the viewer does not have time to notice anything.

Author: Akopyan A.A.

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