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Smart t-shirt


A British student came up with a T-shirt that monitors the health of an athlete.

I thought for a long time that it would be a good idea to monitor the health of an athlete directly during the game, however, when in 2003 Cameroon midfielder Mark Vivien Fomer was on the field from a heart attack, I decided to take it seriously, "says David Evans from the University of Northumbria.

The result is a "smart" T-shirt. An ECG sensor is fixed on it, which captures the electrical activity of the heart and sends the data through a micro-radio transmitter sewn to the hem of the T-shirt to the trainer's computer. Sweat sensors based on silica gel tourniquets are stretched along the back of the athlete. And another sensor is hidden in the sleeve - it receives a radio signal from the coach and informs the player with a slight vibration: look at the team bench, they want to tell you something.

Having information about the work of the heart, especially about its violations, the coach and doctors can understand in time that the player is tired and it is time to replace him. A decrease in sweating indicates dehydration - in order to restore strength, a football player needs to urgently drink water.

"The T-shirt I made has already caught the interest of sportswear manufacturers and I hope it will be updated for the 2006 World Cup," says David Evans.

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Drones and Coronavirus 12.06.2021

Malaysian police use drones that can measure temperatures up to 20 meters above the ground. This is another measure to combat the spread of coronavirus. Drones alert regulators to people with high temperatures.

Malaysian police have previously warned they will use drones to enforce previously imposed travel restrictions, and officers in some areas have also said they will be making surprise home visits to make sure people are following the rules.

Previously, reports have already appeared about how the authorities of various countries used unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor compliance with COVID-19 rules. The Spanish authorities have used drones to make sure people visiting beaches are following social distancing rules. In Brussels, Belgium, police used drones with loudspeakers to urge people to "stay at home".

In Australia, drones have been used to catch people without masks, as well as to scan cars parked more than 5km from their owners' homes. In the UK, authorities have come under fire for using drones to monitor dog owners to see if they stray too far from home.

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