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Lamp power amplifiers. Schemes, articles, descriptions

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Tube Power Amplifiers

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More about power supplies with a quenching capacitor

Section Power supplies. The use of capacitors to step down the voltage supplied to a load from a lighting network has a long history. In the 50s, radio amateurs widely used capacitors in transformerless power supplies for radio receivers, which were connected in series to the filament circuit of radio tubes. This made it possible to eliminate the quenching resistor, which is the source of heating for the entire structure. Recently, there has been a noticeable return of interest in power supplies with a quenching capacitor; in recent publications [1, 2], options for such designs and their calculation are considered in detail. The disadvantage inherent in all such devices without exception - increased danger due to the galvanic connection of the output with the electrical network - is clearly recognized, but allowed based on the literacy and accuracy of the user. However, these deterrents are not enough to keep out of trouble, which is why transformerless devices can have only very limited use. ... >>

Communication cable integrity monitoring device

Section Indicators, detectors, metal detectors. Cable communication lines have their own characteristics. These are a large length of the main line (up to several tens of kilometers), a large number of wires in the cable, the presence of signals with an amplitude of up to several tens of volts in the wires adjacent to the tested one, and seasonal changes in the physical parameters of the communication line. A burglar alarm for a cable is usually performed according to the principle of monitoring the integrity of a loop - a pair of wires, at the end of which a resistor of a certain resistance is connected. When the wires are broken or shorted, the input resistance of the loop changes significantly, which is fixed by the signaling device ... >>

Reversible voltage converter

Section Voltage stabilizers. The proposed device is intended for emergency power supply of volatile electronic devices with low current consumption from a backup source in case of power failure (for example, a generator and an electronic clock pulse counter installed in a car). The converter (see Fig. 4.1) contains a backup battery GB1, a master generator on the elements DD1.1 ... DD1.3, a two-digit counter on D-flip-flops DD2.1, DD2.2, a double four-channel multiplexer DD3 and a capacitive storage divider - capacitors C2 ... C5 ... >>

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Articles on tube power amplifiers

Articles on tube power amplifiers, schemes of tube power amplifiers, descriptions of tube power amplifiers: 72 articles



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The existence of an entropy rule for quantum entanglement has been proven 09.05.2024

Quantum mechanics continues to amaze us with its mysterious phenomena and unexpected discoveries. Recently, Bartosz Regula from the RIKEN Center for Quantum Computing and Ludovico Lamy from the University of Amsterdam presented a new discovery that concerns quantum entanglement and its relation to entropy. Quantum entanglement plays an important role in modern quantum information science and technology. However, the complexity of its structure makes understanding and managing it challenging. Regulus and Lamy's discovery shows that quantum entanglement follows an entropy rule similar to that for classical systems. This discovery opens new perspectives in the field of quantum information science and technology, deepening our understanding of quantum entanglement and its connection to thermodynamics. The results of the study indicate the possibility of reversibility of entanglement transformations, which could greatly simplify their use in various quantum technologies. Opening a new rule ... >>

Mini air conditioner Sony Reon Pocket 5 09.05.2024

Summer is a time for relaxation and travel, but often the heat can turn this time into an unbearable torment. Meet a new product from Sony - the Reon Pocket 5 mini-air conditioner, which promises to make summer more comfortable for its users. Sony has introduced a unique device - the Reon Pocket 5 mini-conditioner, which provides body cooling on hot days. With it, users can enjoy coolness anytime, anywhere by simply wearing it around their neck. This mini air conditioner is equipped with automatic adjustment of operating modes, as well as temperature and humidity sensors. Thanks to innovative technologies, Reon Pocket 5 adjusts its operation depending on the user's activity and environmental conditions. Users can easily adjust the temperature using a dedicated mobile app connected via Bluetooth. Additionally, specially designed T-shirts and shorts are available for convenience, to which a mini air conditioner can be attached. The device can oh ... >>

Energy from space for Starship 08.05.2024

Producing solar energy in space is becoming more feasible with the advent of new technologies and the development of space programs. The head of the startup Virtus Solis shared his vision of using SpaceX's Starship to create orbital power plants capable of powering the Earth. Startup Virtus Solis has unveiled an ambitious project to create orbital power plants using SpaceX's Starship. This idea could significantly change the field of solar energy production, making it more accessible and cheaper. The core of the startup's plan is to reduce the cost of launching satellites into space using Starship. This technological breakthrough is expected to make solar energy production in space more competitive with traditional energy sources. Virtual Solis plans to build large photovoltaic panels in orbit, using Starship to deliver the necessary equipment. However, one of the key challenges ... >>

Random news from the Archive

Xbox 360 HD DVD 17.12.2006

The long-awaited addition to the Xbox 360 game console, an external HD DVD drive, has gone on sale in the US.

In its work, the device uses the processor power and the audio system of the console, connects via a USB connector and provides resolution up to 1080p. By this Christmas season, leading film companies intend to release more than 150 blockbusters on discs of this format.

By the way, one of the movies (Peter Jackson's King Kong) is included with the HD DVD player for Xbox 360. In addition, the device is equipped with a remote control.

The suggested retail price in US stores is $199,99.

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