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Occupational safety of forestry workers. Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health / Legislative basis for labor protection

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Most of the work performed in the forestry and forest industry is associated with high physical costs and increased care. In this industry frequent accidentsassociated with worker injuries.

Guidelines for the development of instructions for labor protection, approved by the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation on May 13, 2004, contain samples of instructions for labor protection for the main professions and types of work in the logging and woodworking industry and contain instructions:

  • on labor protection for the brigade (link) for landing dangerous trees;
  • on labor protection for a feller and a lumberjack;
  • labor protection of the cutter of branches;
  • on labor protection when trimming branches with the help of gasoline-powered saws with low-positioned handles;
  • on labor protection for machine operators of woodworking machines (single-saw, multi-saw machines, thicknessing and four-sided planing machines, jointing, milling, drilling and drilling-grooving machines, tenoning, turning, circular stick, band saws, carpentry machines, combined machines);
  • on labor protection for the operator of the milling and cantering machine;
  • general safety requirements for labor protection for workers employed in logging operations;
  • on labor protection for a wood stacker;
  • on labor protection for machine operators engaged in the processing of workpieces on drilling; machine tools;
  • on labor protection for apparatchiks of impregnation of facing materials.

Decree of the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation of December 29, 1997 No. 68 approved the Model Industry Norms for the free issue of special clothing, special footwear and other personal protective equipment to workers of logging, organizations and chemical forestry enterprises.

For a tractor driver on skidding and hauling timber, the Standard Labor Protection Instruction for TOI R-218-41-95, approved by the Federal Road Department of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation on December 1, 1994 and containing general safety requirements, safety requirements before starting work, during work, in emergency situations and at the end of work. Persons performing work on cutting and trimming limbs and tops of fallen trees with gasoline-powered and electric saws, delimbers and manually with an ax are required to comply with the Standard Labor Protection Instruction for a delimber TOI R-218-24-94 (approved by the Federal Road Department of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation 24 March 1994).

Safety standards for fellers are established by the Standard Labor Protection Instruction for a feller TOI R-218-23-94 (approved by the Federal Road Department of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation on March 24, 1994).

Author: Bobkova O.V.

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