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What American president lost the code to open the nuclear suitcase for a long time? Detailed answer

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What American president lost the code to open the nuclear suitcase for a long time?

The morning after the Monica Lewinsky scandal became international news, Bill Clinton had an on-duty meeting with the military man responsible for the constant escort of the nuclear briefcase. The officer asked the president for a card with a code to open the briefcase in order to exchange it for a new one, to which Clinton admitted that he had lost this card somewhere. Moreover, he could not remember how long ago he had lost her - perhaps weeks or months had passed since that moment.

Authors: Jimmy Wales, Larry Sanger

 Random interesting fact from the Great Encyclopedia:

What do molluscs eat?

Do you like eating shellfish? For a lot of people, the mere thought of it can ruin their appetite. This has probably been the case for thousands of years. No one in Europe even thought that you can eat this creature, until the white man came to America and saw that the Indians were doing it! Mollusks have a soft body without bones, protected by two hard shells tightly closed, like the binding of a book.

There are two main types of mollusks: elongated, or soft shell, mollusks and round, or hard shell.

Soft shells live in ocean silt, occupying a peculiar position. They "stand" in the mud at one end, like a book on a bookshelf. Their upper end is sharper. When the shell is opened, a long process comes out of it, which people call the "neck". This process squeezes out water when something causes the mollusk to retract its neck and close the valves.

Hard-shelled more soft-shelled, they lie on the bottom of the ocean near the shore, slightly buried in sand or silt. Very young hard-shelled, eaten, are called "short-necked" molluscs. Those that are not so small are sometimes called "cherry pits".

What do clams eat? They feed on marine microorganisms, which they absorb through their necks. Mollusks are also able to move: between the free edges of the two valves they have a leg, with which they burrow into the silt or move along the ocean floor. The largest of the mollusks, the giant clam, has a shell weighing 180-225 kilograms. It lives on the coral reefs of India.

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Background music interferes with creativity 19.03.2021

Background music, contrary to popular belief, does not improve, but worsens a person's creative abilities.

This conclusion was made by researchers from Sweden and the UK. They asked the study participants to complete a series of tasks with words that required a creative approach. As it turned out, background music significantly impaired people's verbal abilities.

It did not matter whether the participants liked the music or what genres they listened to.

At the same time, the researchers found that in the library, where there is also background noise, the participants in the experiment coped with creative tasks as well as in complete silence.

Renowned psychologist John Marsh claims that this can be explained by the fact that the background noise in the library is stable and doesn't change, meaning it doesn't interfere much.

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